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Book Chapters
Invited Contributions
  • Rosario Cammarota, Indranil Banerjee and Ofer Rosenberg. Machine Learning IP Protection. ICCAD 2018.
  • Sandip Ray, Wen Chen and rosario Cammarota. Protecting the supply chain for automotives and IoTs. DAC 2018.
  • Rosario Cammarota, Naghmeh Karimi, Sidd Garg and JV Rajendran. Recent Developments in Hardware Security. IEEE VTS 2018.

Conference Articles
  • Cammarota R., Sheikh R. " VPsec: Countering Fault Attacks in General Purpose Microprocessors with Value Prediction. "  in Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers 2018.
  • Sheikh R., Cammarota R.,  and Ruan W. " Value Prediction for Security (VPsec):  Countering Fault Attacks in Modern Microprocessors . " short contribution in Proceedings of International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST), 2018 ( Best Short Contribution. )
  • Chen Z., Shen J., Nicolau A., Veidenbaum A., Ghalaty N., and Cammarota R. " CAMFAS: A Compiler Approach to Mitigate Fault Attacks via Enhanced SIMDization . " International Workshop on Fault Tolerance and Diagnosis in Cryptography (FDTC), 2017
  • Nejatollahi H., Dutt N., Cammarota R. " Trends, Challenges and Needs for Lattice-Based Cryptography Implementations. " Special Session: CODES+ISSS 2017
  • Taheri S., Beni L., Cammarota R., Veidenbaum A., Nicolau A., Qiu J., Lu Q. and Haghighat M. WebRTCBench: A Benchmark for Performance Assessment of WebRTC Implementations. In Proceedings of 13th IEEE Symposium on Embedded Systems and Real-time Multimedia, 2015
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Technical Reports
  • Nejatollahi H., Dutt N., Banerjee I., Ray S., Regazzoni F., Cammarota R. “Implementations of Lattice Based Cryptography: A survey.” UCI-TR-17-04, April 2017.
  • Cammarota R., Veidenbaum A. V. “Metrology Applied to Performance Analysis Using Hardware Counters.” UCI-TR-10-01, Mar 2010.